ENCON has committed itself to helping many businesses as well as several government agencies throughout the United States with detection, prevention and
removal of hazardous materials. Our Environmental department relies on its expertise in the fields of Asbestos, Lead-based Paint, as well as Environmental Site
Assessments to interpret results of laboratory findings and recommend the best options for its clients. Previously, ENCON has been selected as the Environmental
Consultants for military installations, and has also completed extensive environmental based projects at numerous federal government facilities. ENCON has been
awarded municipal, state and federal environmental engineering contracts. Such extensive government work, has added to our value, knowledge and our
continuous ability to make the environment a cleaner place to live…

EPA Superfund Remediation

Asbestos Abatement & Mgmt.

Asbestos Inspections

Abatement Air Monitoring & Mgmt.

Lead Abatement Design

Lead Inspections

Lead Risk Assessments

Lead Clearances

Hazardous, Toxic, & Radioactive
Waste (HTRW) Cleanup

Phase I, II & III Assessment

NEPA & Brownfield Experience


Risk Assessments

Environmental Compliance

Groundwater Remediation

Leaking Petroleum Storage Tank/ Leaking Underground
Storage Tank