Environmental Projects

EPA Superfund Remediation
Baxter Springs, Kansas

ENCON remediated a $16,000,000 mine waste Superfund Project in the Midwest, directly for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Remediation services included consolidation and capping of mine wastes in place; removal of mine/mill wastes, contaminated soil, and selected stream sediments, plus the subaqueous disposal of excavated source material at mine subsidence pits. Finally, surface restoration activities included recontouring and revegetating of excavated areas.

Asbestos Abatement and Renovation of Texas Hospital Complex
Big Spring, Texas

Asbestos consulting service project for three (3) Asbestos Abatement sites at the Big Spring Veteran’s Affairs Health Care System Hospital. In addition to the Abatement contract, another award for almost $400,000 in related remodeling services was awarded.

Dept. of Defense Environmental Contract
Various New Mexico & Texas Installations

Environmental Services contract for several military installations through the Department of Public Works. Asbestos & Lead Paint Assessment services consisted of over 350 building surveys that included field inspections, sampling, monitoring, and report preparation. Abatement support and design services were also provided for both Asbestos and Lead Paint, as well as other environmental services, as needed.

Emergency Asbestos and Munitions Debris Pile Clean–Up
Fort Bliss, TX

Asbestos and munitions soil assessment and remediation project. Tasks included; field monitoring, sampling, lab analyses and environmental design. Tasks preceded the expedited preparation of USACE soil cleanup project bid specifications for activities by ENCON.

Construction Materials Testing

Typical Texas ISD

On-site inspections and Quality Control testing was successfully completed during all phases of construction to ensure compliance with construction specifications. Field inspections ranged from concrete, masonry, soil, roofing, asphalt, steel, rebar, and other construction materials.

Fort Bliss, Texas

Construction QC Testing was performed to support a fast tracked $250 million dollar effort that was completed in eight months. Services on the infrastructure construction that would accommodate some 250 temporary barrack units included soils, concrete, grout, mortar, and asphalt testing, as well as geotechnical drilling and soil testing. ENCON supported the General Contractor’s completion on average of over $1,000,000/day of construction for 240 days (7 days/week) in order to finish the project on time.

New Mexico Station

On-site inspections and field sampling were performed on soils, asphalt, concrete, rebar, and masonry. This Confidential, Sensitive Project was along the U.S./Mexican Border near the city of Deming NM. Field construction testing and inspection services continues in central Texas and west Texas.

Facilities Support and Geotechnical

Miami, Florida

ENCON managed the inspection and follow-up repair of hospital facility damper equipment at several buildings within the Miami VA Medical Center. ENCON’s project managers coordinated carefully with VA personnel to ensure that more than 400 fire/smoke damper inspections were inspected without affecting patient care.

White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico

Scope of work consisted of coordinating with various Federal Government installation personnel to drill 161 borings for future military facilities. Unified Soil Classification testing was done on approximately 25% of samples collected. Additional testing for soil corrosion, conductivity, thermal, and CBR values was performed for geotechnical recommendations. Field technical activities supported $2B dollar military infrastructure expansion.

McGregor Range, New Mexico

ENCON designed and built two separate mock “Iraqi Villages” for military desert training purposes for use prior to deploying to Iraq or Afghanistan. Two separate contracts were awarded to construct entire villages about 10 miles apart in the New Mexico portion of the Ft Bliss Army installation. ENCON was awarded the U.S. Army TRADOC Medal of Excellence for this project!

Fort Bliss, Texas

Task consisted of drilling multiple borings varying in depth in the main parking lot of the William Beaumont Army Medical Center for a new parking garage. Extensive planning and coordination was required to make sure that closing traffic and parking spaces did not interfere with the installation’s regular operations. Core drilling was also performed to characterize rock after auger refusal occurred due to large mountain foothill cobbles and boulders.